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“Once you choose hope,
everything’s possible.”

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Messages of Hope

As fellow family members, we think it is important to remind you that things can get better and not to lose faith. In this mental health work, families have banded together in groups to: fight for better treatment for our relatives and ourselves; find ways to help the people we care about; get information and educate ourselves; give and receive mutual support; fight stigma; advocate for an improved service system and participate in decision-making within the public mental health system. Part of our work includes lighting the way for other families and holding out hope. Here are some of the stories of people in our “FERC family” that remind us that recovery and resiliency is real, and may be in similar situations to you. 


"I don’t know where we’d be as a family if it wasn’t for FERC"

Family caregiver

"You saved my son. You saved me."


"There should be more FERCs out there!"


"I was about to give up. I’m glad I didn’t. My family is forever grateful to FERC."


"Thank you for telling me that I matter too."

Supporter / caregiver

"You saved my son’s life and got him REAL help!"


"You held the hope for us even when we didn’t think hope was even possible."

Family from FERC support group

"Knowing that you’re family members too – I know you GET IT. I don’t have to explain for defend myself….and that feels good."


"Thank you for sharing that you too can empathize with my situation….I always felt alone and ashamed. You really made me understand that this is not only going on in my family....and it’s NOT our fault."


"You were there for me when even my own family and friends didn’t know what to do anymore….not because they don’t love me…..but they couldn’t understand what I was going through. Thank you for being there and helping us as a whole."

Voice of lived experience / consumer

"Thank you for listening. For the first time in over 20 years, I finally feel listened to and heard."