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Open-Air Self-Care: Experience the gentle movements and serene atmosphere as our skilled instructor guides you through the Tai Chi practice.

🌟Meet your instructors!🌟

Zack White was born and raised in and around the SF Bay Area, after spending a few of his high school years in Galveston, Texas he made his return to the Bay Area for college in 2001. In 2005, Zack’s college boxing coach introduced him to a group of Chen’s Style Tai Chi practitioners in Golden Gate Park, where he was taught a simplified martial form. He currently practices and continues to seek instruction in Qi-Gong for general maintenance of health, presence, and mindfulness. He enjoys sharing foundational principles with fellow practitioners, enthusiasts, and beginners interested in cultivating a personal practice.

Gabriel Bata has been a Qigong and Tai Chi practitioner for 20 years. He has shared his knowledge of internal martial arts (Qigong, Tai Chi) extensively in schools throughout the US and internationally for the past 10 years. Gabriel believes that Qigong and/or Tai Chi are great tools to calm the nervous system and increase one’s ability to focus. In addition to his involvement with internal martial arts (Qigong, Tai Chi), Gabriel is a professional musician and a Muay Thai instructor. Gabriel currently teaches high school African American Studies in the Richmond, CA area.


🌿 Mark Your Calendars! 🌿 Join us for a rejuvenating session of Instructor-Led Tai Chi at our Open-Air Self-Care Event in Oakland on March 21! 🌞 Enjoy a serene morning with gentle movements, complimentary breakfast, and gifts for all attendees! ✨ Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unwind and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Admission is free! Click here to RSVP today!

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