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Support Groups

We believe support groups are an important part of self-care for families. Support groups bring people together with common concerns who give each other encouragement and comfort and share experience and coping strategies. Support groups are helpful in creating non-judgmental spaces, lessening burn-out, promoting empowerment, and getting good feedback and insight from people who understand.

Spotlight On WRAP For Families

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is an array of self-care tools that promote recovery and help identify ways to stay well and plan for distressing experiences or triggers that may occur. This includes finding out who can be part of your support system when things start going down-hill.

Oftentimes, family members focus a lot of their energy and attention on taking care of their loved one, but WRAP is a useful tool that can help anyone who wants to create positive change in the way they feel or increase their enjoyment of life-it doesn’t require a mental health diagnoses to participate and is an evidence-based model of how we all can take better care of ourselves. Please call us to find out when our next WRAP for family members will be offered.

Family Support Groups Offered By FERC



Virtual Family & Caregiver Support Group

Monthly-1st Thursday, 5pm-6:30pm,

For questions, email bettye@mhaac.org, call 510-746-1700 (please leave a message)   

Join Zoom Meeting:


If you prefer to call in, dial 1-669-900-9128    Meeting ID: 822 4692 6453#   Password: 503883#

Virtual Family & Caregiver Support Group

Monthly-2nd Tuesday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

For questions, email michele@mhaac.org or call (510) 746-1700 please leave a voice message

Currently meeting on Zoom (Open to caregivers across Alameda County)

Zoom link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85628279913?pwd=c3BxSXZaNGY5eTJVSmlRL20wNjZwZz09

Meeting ID 856 2827 9913

Passcode: 499120

Dial in: 1 669-900-9128

Virtual Spanish Family & Caregiver Support Group

Monthly-2nd and 4th Wednesdays 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

For questions, email juanita@mhaac.org   or call 510-746-1700 please leave a message

Join Zoom Meeting


 If you prefer to call in, dial 1-669-900-9128    Meeting ID: 840-8086-9393#     Password: 821128

Virtual African American Family Support Group

4th Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm

For questions, email bettye@mhaac.org  or call 510-746-1700 and leave a message

Join Zoom Meeting


 If you prefer to call in, dial: 1-669-900-9128    Meeting ID: 875 4617 7855#    Passcode: 253742 

Virtual Borderline Personality Disorder – Family Support Group

Monthly-1st Wednesdays, 5:00pm-6:30pm

For questions, email Bettye@mhaac.org or call 510-746-1700 and leave a message

Join Zoom Meeting


If you prefer to call in, dial 1-669-900-9128     Meeting ID: 848 7574 9614#     Passcode: 950885


Here at FERC, we know that Alameda County is a diverse community and families may have various needs depending on language, culture, and region. In addition to FERC facilitated support groups, we also recommend attending or visiting many other family support groups in Alameda County. (If you are an Alameda County provider with a new support group, please contact us to let us know and we can list you here.)